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Mighty Small Retail


About Mighty Small Retail

Mighty Small is the retail and sales-focused sister company of Young Foodies, the leading community and service provider for challenger food & drink brands. It exists to maximise the availability and visibility of challenger brands in the UK.

In addition to our online e-commerce shop, Mighty Small Retail is our B2B arm that operates as a link between major retail and challenger brands. It delivers on the industry's need for a streamlined way to discover and launch exciting branded innovation into retail.

We take an unbiased approach - our objective is to ensure more shelf space is allocated to branded innovation by small brands and we play an active role in optimising the space to drive sales and boost value for brands and retailers.

Why Challenger brands

Challenger brands are widely used by retailers to establish a distinctive range, ease cost price competition and offer more premium alternatives to reverse a decade of margin dilution. With RSVs often less than £10m in any given retailer, this side of the industry is driving 60% category growth, stealing more than $17bn of market share globally from big FMCG. Championing these challengers are the 55%+ of consumers represented by Millennials and Gen Z, our future consumers.

However, with retailer supplier numbers reducing rapidly and consolidation happening across the industry, it is harder than ever for these brands to win new listings and for retailers to unlock this value. In addition to that, retailers find it increasingly challenging to deal with a number of small suppliers who often need more support.

"We are incredibly proud to be able to use our platform to encourage a fair and level playing field for small brands to operate in. We feel confident that this will be the start of increased availability and distribution of challenger brands across the UK." Theadora Alexander, Co-Founder

How it differs to the online shop

Mighty Small Retail's solutions are open to all independent challenger brands - not just those listed on the Mighty Small online shop. This is about creating access to opportunities for more brands than ever before and all assessments are made on pre-agreed and transparent criteria.

How will it work

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