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Make a difference. For every person it means a different thing but at the highest level it means working towards delivering progress.

The UK has long been one of the world champions for innovation in food: we bring out thousands of new products each year in our supermarkets - products that drive progress. New jams that are lower sugar but just as delicious; kids' cereals that secretly feeds them vegetables; new ways of snacking, drinking and ultimately enjoying our food.

Through hungry, ambitious entrepreneurs our innovations have driven progress on the health, wellbeing and environmental agenda, with most new brands being better for the world than their big business counterparts. They are born from passion and purpose and we champion that.

We got behind the #makeadifference campaign on the back of Covid-19 threatening all this progress. As a members organisation and service provider to more than 1,000 of these wonderful founder-led businesses, we see first hand the long term damage to progress that the economic downturn is driving.

That's why we made this shop. We wanted to make it easy for you, passionate foodie, to explore, try and celebrate the products brought to you by these passionate entrepreneurs.

If you like them, tell your friends and we will reward you. Together we really can make a difference.





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