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Brand: Fullgreen

Fullgreen's Riced Veggies are made with 100% Non-GMO vegetables and absolutely no preservatives. They are ‘shelf-stable’ so no need to refrigerate, making it ideal to keep in your kitchen cupboard for when you need them. Each pack contains 2 servings of veg and has as much as 89% fewer carbs and calories than rice. They are Gluten Free, Additive Free & Low Carb – and are ideal for keto, paleo, low-carb, and diabetic diets.

Fullgreen was founded by husband & wife team, Jamie and Gem, who were looking for easy ways to eat healthily for themselves and their young family. Both Gem & Jamie passionately believe in the power of healthy eating to improve lives, and launched Fullgreen with the mission to “Democratise health” by making healthy eating enjoyable, convenient and affordable.

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