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Zero Waste Week: Plastic Free Brands at Mighty Small


Zero Waste Week, founded by Rachelle Strauss, began in the UK in 2008, and takes place annually on the first full week of September. The campaign is mostly run over social media to reach those on a mission to reduce their waste, reuse materials and recycle as much as they can. The aim is to help householders, businesses, schools and community groups increase recycling, reduce landfill waste and participate in circular economy - an economic system that tackles global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution.

Small businesses, in particular, know the importance of founding their beliefs on sustainability; with a growing understanding of our impact on the environment and the universal agreement that change is needed. It is in everyone’s interest to support businesses that are taking action to minimise waste - throwing away conventional, damaging methods of production and leaving it in the past. At Mighty Small, many of our small challenger brands are focused on exactly that…


plastic beach waste environmental crisis

A naughty chocolate treat, but a guilt free conscience

Seed & Bean are the first UK chocolate brand to have fully compostable packaging with a paper outer wrapper and an inner foil made from Natureflex™, a specially sourced, flexible cellulose film which is made from eucalyptus wood pulp. Seed & Bean are at the forefront of the zero plastic, zero waste initiative.

Seed and Bean, Single Origin Milk Chocolate Bar is is their take on a timeless classic, made from the Dominican’s finest and carefully selected cocoa beans. It’s a velvety smooth all-time favourite that will leave you wanting more with every bite. If you feel naughty for eating a whole bar of it in one go, you won’t feel any guilt chucking the wrapper in with your recycling.



100% organic & botanically flavoured chocolate

Biscuits that won’t go to waste, and neither will their packaging

Rhythm 108 have made the choice to use only biodegradable packaging as they believe “small changes can add up to make a big difference” committing to keeping the preservation of the planet at the heart of everything they do from organic farming and plant-based ingredients to food bank donations and a pledge to reducing waste.

The entire Rhythm 108 Biscuit Share Bag range, including the Coconut Crunch Biscuit Bag is packaged in 100% compostable, biobased materials which will break down completely in a compost bin within 10 weeks. With around 20 biscuits per pack, they are perfect for sharing over a cup of tea or coffee. Gluten-free and plastic free biscuits made with organic wholefood ingredients, free from refined sugar and vegan friendly so everyone can enjoy meaning no biscuits go to waste, and no packaging either!


rhythm 108 swiss chocolate biscuits biodegradable

Not only food - get breath as fresh as your morals

Milliways are the delicious, no plastic, no waste gum showing us everything wrong with our conventional chewy. The big name gum we know and thought we loved is made of plastic and chemicals and 80-90% is not disposed of properly, floating in oceans or stuck to something, somewhere, waiting to be removed. It’s a single use plastic, the second most littered thing on earth, non-biodegradable (remains as plastic forever), toxic for land and sea animals and costs more to clean it off the streets than it actually costs for us to buy. Milliways are out with the old, with no plastic in their gum or packaging meaning you can have fresh breath without the unethical baggage. 


Milliways Super Natural Chewing Gum, is plant-based, plastic-free and planet-friendly chewing gum.


Whilst you’re making the effort to reduce your waste, check out our many drinks in recyclable tin cans and table sauces in glass bottles making reducing your plastic use easy! Tag us over on Instagram at Mighty Small to show us what you are doing to reduce your waste...



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