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World Porridge Day: TikTok Baked Oats Recipe


World Porridge Day is this Sunday! We've got an incredible baked-oats recipe to celebrate, inspired by our fellow TikTokers! Read on for all the details and inspo... 

TikTok has managed to infiltrate all aspects of our everyday lives, including our dining tables. Our cooking and eating habits have been undoubtably influenced by the influencers of this app, from the tortilla wrap hack, pancake cereal and Gigi Hadid’s vodka pasta to pesto fried eggs, carrot bacon and Dalgona whipped coffees. All these trends and many more are inspiring us to get more experimental in the kitchen and creative with our diets. But by far our favourite take from the TikTok food movement has to be baked oats!

Baked oats are a playful twist on your standard porridge oats. With the addition of baking powder, adaption of blended oats and by baking in the oven, something incredible happens...cake for breakfast anyone? 

Before we get into the recipe, check out protein-packed Tribe Active Oats100% natural, instant porridge packs from The Great British Porridge Co, as well as Moma for all your oat needs: milk, granola, muesli and porridge pots perfect for breakfast on-the-go!


Now onto the recipe...

We’ve done the tricky bit and created this simple, fool-proof recipe as a base for a single serving of baked oats, leaving it up to you to get creative with the rest!


- 45g oats, blended until fine
- 1⁄2 medium banana, mashed
- 60ml dairy or plant milk
- 2 tbsp peanut butter (opt for runny with no palm oil)
- 1 tbsp maple syrup
- 1⁄2 tsp baking powder
- 1⁄4 tsp vanilla extract Pinch of salt


Mix all the ingredients into a cake batter consistency then incorporate your additional ingredients and flavours (ideas below), pour into an oven safe dish and bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and leave to cool for five minutes, add any toppings while you wait and then its ready to serve!


tiktok baked oats ideas viral genius delicious incredible

Our flavour creations...

Sea Salt Chocolate Crunch Baked Oats

We recommend this fantastic combination of Brave Roasted Chickpeas Sea Salt and dark chocolate. Here we have created one for the texture lovers, with the roasted chickpeas giving a fantastic crunch within the moist fluffy oat batter and a mouth-watering saltiness to complement the sweet maple and banana as well as the oozy melted dark chocolate. The addition of the Brave roasted chickpeas adds 7g of Protein and 8g of fibre to the already high protein, high fibre oats, along with the other nutritional benefits of oats that include a slow release of energy, so a perfect start to a busy day or great as a pre-workout. Find the rest of the Brave range on Mighty Small.

Chocolate Rainbow Baked Oats

Next, we have one for the kids (and fellow young souls)! Using the stunning Doisy & Damdark chocolate drops in their fun multicoloured pastel colours that swirl into the oat batter and look great decorated on top. They make for delicious little bursts of melted chocolate within their sweet crunchy shells. This one is great for kids and manages to undetectably incorporate one of their five a day from the banana in our recipe. Also being high in calcium from the milk and with no artificial ingredients. Check out our Kids Snacking page for healthier treats your kids will want to eat.

Jaffa Cake Baked Oats

Finally, we have created a lower sugar, lower fat and lower calorie option, but just as delicious using Sweet Freedom choc shot, brownie. With only 13 calories per teaspoon, using natural sugars from fruit and free from major allergens there is no missing out on indulgence. To create the Jaffa Cake flavour we added the juice and zest of an orange and finished with a swirl of choc shot. The Sweet Freedom sauces are incredibly versatile as hot chocolates, in baking, on yoghurt and yes - even in baked oats. Check out the range on Mighty Small.


Other fab ingredient and topping ideas!

- We have an incredible hack for you! Use The Great British Porridge Co packs, as they are already flavoured, just blend a 55g serving and mix with 1⁄2 tsp of baking powder and 60ml of milk, then bake for 10 minutes.

- Want to up the protein? Just add some Tribe, Vanilla + Cinnamon Protein Shake! Also in flavours Raspberry + Goji and Cocoa + Sea Salt.

- Trying to make little diet swaps to reduce your carbon footprint? We’ve got you covered, try Plenish, Cashew Milk which produces 68% fewer carbon emissions than dairy.

- Some easy add-ins to transform your baked oats: try any from Seed & Bean chocolate, Indie Bay Snacks pretzels, 5th Season Fruit Snacks freeze-dried fruit or Rogue handmade jams and marmalades, the possibilities are endless!



We hope you love our easy yet delicious baked oats recipe! If you try it out, make sure to tag us @mightysmalluk and let us know your flavour creations! And don't forget to follow us over on TikTok @mightysmalluk to see us jumping on food trends and even starting our own! 

For more yummy breakfasts, check out our Quick Breakfasts page and for some indulgent sweet treats to level up your baked oats, visit our Chocolate and Confectionary page- you might even find the key to TikTok’s next viral food creation!



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