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World Mental Health Day


World Mental Health Day last Sunday was a day to remind us to talk about mental health, our wellbeing, and to look after our own and others as well as the importance of being open and getting help if you or someone you know is struggling. Mental illness exists and having honest, non-judgmental conversations about it is something we should all be practicing as part of everyday life.


Be kinder to yourself

We can take steps to look after ourselves, starting with the body. Vite Body Bar in Ginger Apple, for great gut health, removes digestive discomfort or bloating, enables better utilization of energy & nutrients, and is great for supporting a healthy immune system. Phizz multivitamin dissolvable tablet and VITHIT vitamin drinks both work to supply the body with necessary vitamins to fuel and hydrate your body. No.1 Living gut & immune Kombucha health shots in Ginger, Grapefruit & Lime and Blueberry, Elderflower & Acai are a great start to the day, supplying the body with a good source of vegan gut-friendly probiotic bacteria, which becomes a barrier against unfriendly bacteria.


"Fancy a cuppa?"

Sometimes simple acts of initiating a chat over a cuppa with a friend or family member can mean so much, making time to open up and reduce stress. At Mighty Small we have a variety of cosy comforting warm drinks whether it’s a coffee from Solo Coffee or Truestart Coffee, or a hot chocolate using Sweet Freedom Choc Shot's. Joe’s Tea Co have a variety of flavours with their Rooibos Organic Tea found to have high levels of two key antioxidants which help to reduce levels of cortisol, a stress inducing hormone in the body. And a cuppa isn’t complete without a biscuit on the side. Try Rhythm 108 biscuits or The Artful Baker biscotti's for a delicious, dunkable treat.


Beating loneliness together

Loneliness is a huge battle we face today, especially due to circumstances of the past few years. Getting together with friends and family, making the excuse to celebrate any occasion, thinking of others, being compassionate and kind are all important to help overcome loneliness in our own and others lives. We have some great treats to share that make perfect additions to friendly get togethers or even as gifts for loved ones. See Doisy & Dam’s Smooth Dark Chocolate Truffles box, Seed & Bean chocolate bars and Candy Kittens share bags great for dishing out in groups or a thoughtful surprise for someone special. Or you can even send gift boxes with personalised notes such as a little thank you or thinking of you.


Some food for thought

Getting joy out of the everyday can be key for getting yourself up and looking forward to the day ahead. Finding pleasure and hobbies out of the simple things like baking or cooking is made easy with kits available at Mighty Small. Try Creative Nature or Superfood Bakery for delicious sweet treats and for easy and delicious cooking try Capsicana. Cooking and baking for others or with others can bring with it so much joy, community and purpose.



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