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World Fair Trade Day 2021: Supporting small businesses

World Fair Trade Day 2021 fairtrade and vegan products

Happy World Fair Trade from Mighty Small!

The Fair Trade movement is all about ensuring food producers in developing countries get an equitable payment for the work and resources they provide. Often, bigger brands can get away with paying tiny amounts to the people who do all the hard work.

But here at Mighty Small, we believe the little guys deserve all the credit. That’s why we work with loads of British start-up brands to deliver unique and delicious products!

On World Fair Trade Day this year, we want to celebrate some of the amazing small businesses that make sure the world’s a little fairer.

Seed and Bean

Since starting out in 2005, Seed and Bean have been making 100% organic and handmade chocolate. Their rich Fair Trade products include: Sicilian Hazelnut + Almond Milk Chocolate Bar, Flaked Chocolate Truffles and Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles. With a strong focus on the environment, they also use compostable foil to wrap their rich chocolate bars.

Seed and Bean Sicilian Hazelnut and Almond Milk Chocolate Bar Fairtrade compostable wrapping

Black Bee Honey

Black Bee Honey is so dedicated to their producers, that they even stamp the name of the beekeeper on each individual jar! Their raw and single-source British honey aims to look after the bees who provide it as well as their keepers. Black Bee Honey is available in Spring, Summer and Autumn mixes to bring you different flavours depending on the time of year and the flowers that are in season. 

Want to try them all? Check out their Seasonal Honey Triple Pack to taste the difference between the creamy spring and the malty autumn blends.

 Black Bee Honey Spring Honey British


These delicious plant-based goodies are better for people and the planet. GÂTO uses 100% natural and high-quality ingredients so that we can tuck into a sweet treat without damaging our health. 

Try out their Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites or their Salted Caramel + Cream Cookies if you don’t believe us! 

GÂTO Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites vegan gluten-free dairy-free 


At Mighty Small, we believe every day should be Fair Trade day! We’re all about supporting independent businesses that care about community, the environment and creativity! Check out the other British start-up brands we stock; you might find your next favourite!



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