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Weird and wonderful food combinations at Mighty Small


A match made in heaven?

Peanut butter and jam? Chilli and chocolate? Maybe even pineapple and pizza!? We don't judge! As massive foodies ourselves we are always open to try new things and discover ground breaking, innovative food!

Below we're sharing some of our favourite flavour combos at Mighty Small, from the iconic to the outrageously good, there's plenty to choose from...

Starting with the classics

Easing you into this rollercoaster of flavour with an essential duo - chocolate and hazelnut! Or rather, cacao & hazelnut, in the shape of a Wholey Moly cookie. Cacao is the raw, unprocessed and more nutritious form of cocoa, but with the same rich chocolaty taste, falling in-line with Wholey Moly's mission to prove that healthy doesn't have to be boring! 

Another favourite of Wholey Moly's is their cacao & orange. It was a flavour that defined 2020, a difficult year that saw us turning to nostalgic, comforting flavours. The likes of Cadbury, Cornetto, Maltesers and Costa all jumped on the bandwagon producing new and limited edition products in this notorious flavour.

Don't be fooled, at Wholey Moly they know how to shake it up too, matching flavours we never knew worked so well together; like almond butter & hemp and pistachio & lemon! We are so excited for what they will come up with next!


Turmeric with everything!

If you haven't heard already, turmeric is the Clark Kent of superfoods with a range of health benefits hidden beneath the bright yellow exterior. If you're struggling to incorporate turmeric into your diet Mighty Small is here to help with three delicious drinks. Each drink contains the spice paired perfectly with a different complimentary flavour.

- No.1 Living, Ginger with Turmeric Kombucha, a lightly sparkling soft drink, naturally flavoured with ginger extract and packed with live kombucha cultures - perfect for maintaining a healthy gut.

- DRGN, Turmeric Superdrink - Citrus, an award winning natural energy & wellness drink, free from caffeine and low in sugar. A fusion of botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals, it's blended with spring Water and natural citrus, and packed with 15 health-boosting ingredients. 

- Nix & Kix, Blood Orange and Turmeric Soft Drink, naturally flavoured with sweet orange, earthy turmeric and a touch a cayenne. It's refined sugar free, gluten free and vegan, made with only the best ingredients - no additives, colourings or junk.


The dinner tables getting saucy too!

Bored of the same old tomato ketchup, lacking the lustre to liven up your chips? We have two iconic options that are sure to revamp your daily dipping - Leon Tomango Ketchup and Beetroot Ketchup.

Dr Will's takes the ketchup we know and love and elevates it to new levels of taste with the addition of beetroot! Containing only naturally occurring sugars with all the sweetness coming from juicy tomatoes, gooey dates and perfectly ripe beetroots, this sauce is packed with flavour. Great as a pizza base, marinade or added to sauces or dressings, we even recommend adding to your favourite chocolate cake recipe for ultimate moistness and an earthy, tangy edge. Dr Will's sauces are incredibly versatile, see the great range stocked at Mighty Small, here.  

Leon's signature Tomango Ketchup is a sweet and spicy sauce made with mango chutney, sun-dried tomatoes, red jalepeños, cumin and chipotle peppers, The perfect accompaniment to a breakfast muffin or omelette, or drizzled over a salad or simply as a dip for some crispy fries. Leon's scandalous match of tomato and mango "makes the everyday an adventure in flavour" - felt with the rest of their range at Mighty Small, check it out!

If that's left you hungry and wanting for more, check out our Kitchen and mealtime essentials for more products that are sure to mix up dinner time! If you want to see what other quirky and brilliant drinks we offer, see here! Or if the cookies have left a good taste in your mouth, see our other delicious biscuits and crackers! We’ve got the lot!



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