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7 products to help maintain your New Year's health resolutions

Black and white calendar showing the month of January. 1st of January has the word 'START!' written in red and circled.

Our Mighty Small 2021 health & fitness essentials!

We all know that sticking to a New Year health & fitness resolution can be tricky! January is a long month and by the time February rolls around, it can be hard to stay motivated. That’s why we’ve created a roundup of our favourite health & fitness focused products!

At Mighty Small we sell a huge selection of better for you & healthier alternatives - whether it’s low calorie snacks, no added sugar soft drinks or vegan protein powders, here's a few products that can support you on your fitness journey.

Snacks & Treats

When we fancy grabbing a quick savoury snack, Indie Bay's Sour Cream & Onion Pretzel Thins are the perfect solution. Packed with protein, low in calories and high in fibre, they're an ideal alternative to calorie dense crisps! Guilt-free, delicious snacking at its best.

Green packet of sour cream and onion pretzels on a yellow background.


Afternoon cravings can tempt us to raid the cupboard looking for a short-term sugar fix. When the post-lunch slump hits, we love reaching for Pep & Lekker's Cacao & Coconut Seed Snacks instead! With no added sugar, high protein and fibre, these vegan and gluten free chocolatey bites are delicious paired with a cup of tea. Made with superfood cacao, they’re a healthier, sugar free snack bursting with iron, magnesium and antioxidants. What’s not to love!

Purple packet of seed snacks on a turquoise background.


Sometimes we all need a little extra energy to stay focused throughout our workout, or the day! For a low calorie pick me up, try out VITHIT’s vitamin energy drinks. PERFORM is our favourite soft drink for a pre or post workout boost - packed with 100% of your 8 essential daily vitamins, this Mango & Passionfruit refresher is only 25 calories and low sugar, helping you feel naturally energised.

Orange coloured bottle of VITHIT soft drink on a blue background.

Making smart alcohol choices can be a huge factor when trying to reach our fitness goals. DRTY's Raspberry Rosé Hard Seltzer is the ideal tipple for those looking for a low calorie beverage! At only 90 calories a can and zero carbs, it's a delicious, fruity and better for you alcoholic drink option. 

White can of DRTY rose hard seltzer water on a purple background.

Food Cupboard 

Kicking off the day with a healthy breakfast is a great way to ensure you stay on track! For a nutritious, 100% natural and no added sugar option, we recommend The Great British Porridge Co. Their delicious instant porridge is ready in just 60 seconds and packed with iron, zinc and B vitamins. Try their Red Berry & Pumpkin seed flavour - breakfast won't be the same again!

White packet of The Great British Porridge Co instant porridge oats on a yellow background.


Switching out your beloved preservative packed mayo for a simpler, more natural version is another way to improve your health. Made using only 4 real food ingredients, Hunter & Gather’s keto & paleo friendly avocado oil mayonnaise is one of our go-tos. Dairy, gluten and sugar free, it’s an easy swap to make and tastes just as delicious. Go ahead and slather it on a sandwich, knowing its healthy fats are doing you good!

Hunter & Gather's avo oil mayonaise on a reddish orange background.


On the days you feeling worn out, run down or low energy, be sure to keep your fluids up. We particularly love popping one of Phizz’s Orange Multivitamin & Hydration Effervescent Tablets into a large glass of water. With 19 vitamins and minerals and a hydration formula that helps you to absorb up to 3 times more water, faster, they’re a handy solution when we need a little health boost. Perfect enjoyed pre workout too - helping to optimise your body's performance and recovery.

Yellow packet of Phizz's hydration tablets on a turquoise background.


There we have it, our Mighty Small health & fitness top picks! If you're feeling inspired, why not check out our Healthy Snack pack, better for you WFH bundle or Protein Packed box - crammed with products just like these, they're a great way to discover healthier alternatives during your fitness journey.








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