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International Orangutan Day: Our Favourite Palm Oil Free Brands

International Orangutan Day

A day to celebrate these amazing animals and bring attention to the detrimental threat that the palm oil industry has on them. We will be sharing some of our favourite palm oil free brands that are dedicated to reducing the production of palm oil by the ingredients they use and charities they support.

What is Palm Oil?

You may have heard of palm oil a lot in recent years, but what is it? Palm oil is a cheap vegetable oil that is rapidly and excessively produced making its way into the near majority of packaged goods in our supermarkets from biscuits to shampoo. However, its harvesting has an enormous, devastating effect on wildlife and the environment. 

Many palm oil trees are planted in tropical rainforests around the world leading to the widespread destruction of these natural forests. One of the many negative consequences of this is the loss of habitats of many endangered species such as orangutans, elephants, rhinos, and tigers. 

At Mighty Small our brands are taking action to reduce their environmental footprint, and for many, that means ditching palm oil!


Sweet Freedom

Sweet Freedom, evident by their packaging, are big animal lovers. They believe in the sanctuary for all animals and are big supporters of preserving the rainforest. They donate to The Orangutan Project which is dedicated to saving Borneo’s critically endangered orangutans and their habitats which are affected by the clearing of jungles for palm oil plantations. They have taken a stand and use no palm oil in any Sweet Freedom products. 

We Love their sauces for anything from dipping strawberries to topping porridge, mixing into yoghurt to drizzling on pancakes and their choc-shots double up as the most delicious indulgent hot chocolates when stirred into hot milk! The Popcorn Syrup and Choc Shot Brownie are two of our favourites!


Doisy & Dam

Palm oil is used far and wide in the mainstream chocolate industry but Doisy & Dam are showing the big boys how it can and should be done! For this reason, you won’t find palm oil in any of their products ”anywhere, ever!” 

Doisy & Dam stands for all things ethical, sustainable, and fair trade. On top of this, their products are pretty darned delicious! Dark chocolate buttons, colourful dark chocolate drops, crunchy dark chocolate balls, dark chocolate nuttercups and the newest addition, dark chocolate peanuts! These versatile treats make the perfect gifts, cinema snacks, or even cake decorations - we can’t get enough!


Proper are creators of proper healthy snacks- with natural flavours, vegan ingredients and completely palm oil free. Proper doesn’t compromise on ethics, health or flavour so their popcorn and crisps are completely delicious with zero guilt! Proper are palm oil free pioneers of the popcorn and crisps industry, setting the standard for ethical ingredients amongst their competitors. 

We love their lentil chips, especially the sour cream & onion, and of their popcorn, the salted caramel flavour is sublime! Both of these are dairy-free and vegan meaning no one misses out on these gorgeous flavours that often contain dairy!


Visit The Orangutan Project to support them in their dedicated work to help this gentle, desperate species. Whilst you are on a mission to reduce the amount of palm oil you consume, check out some of our other favourite palm oil free treats, such as Candy Kittens and Creative Nature



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