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Our Guide To Pantry Perfection

Our Guide To Pantry Perfection with Small Brands and Natural Cooking Ingredients

Make your Pinterest kitchen goals come true!

We’ve all seen this side of social media: beautifully organised and immaculate pantries, with rows upon rows of shiny glass jars full of rice, pulses and pasta. 

From remembering to bring produce bags to the supermarket, to always running out of those necessary items, having an organised pantry can be very difficult. But we’re here to help! Here’s a guide to our cupboard essentials, small brand style.

And remember, it’s nice to have a great looking kitchen, but what’s more important is that your cupboards are full of unique and innovative small brands.

Grains, pulses and more!

Stocking up on grains and pulses is probably one of the most important things to make sure your pantry works for you. Add them to your favourite dishes in different variations and you’ll never get bored of cooking. 

We love the idea of zero waste stores for buying things like rice, pasta and lentils. Often, these shops go out of their way to gather organic ingredients and support independent brands.

Just search “refill store” or “zero waste store near me” and hopefully you’ll have a few brilliant options. If you’re based in London or Brighton, we recommend The Source Bulk Foods that has six different stores, with a seventh on the way!

Vegan Zero Waste Shopping Pulses in Jars

Add a splash of flavour

But what good are grains without something to spice them up a little? Having a range of delicious condiments will help you make loads of different cuisines using the same staple ingredients. 

On Mighty Small, we work with a few fantastic start-ups who are championing great taste and natural ingredients…

Lucy’s Dressings are ideal to have in the kitchen at all times, allowing you to spruce up even the simplest of meals. Try their Lemon + Mustard and Garlic + Black Pepper Mayonnaises for a fresh take on a classic condiment. Or, if you’re looking for your next go-to dressing, what about their Green Pesto sauce that’s delicious with pasta, ciabatta and tomatoes?

To satisfy all your sugar cravings, you’ll definitely want to fill the cupboards with Rogue’s tasty jams and marmalades. Great for spreading on toast, crumpets, or between layers of homemade victoria sponge, these innovative flavours can add some originality to your kitchen. From Tutti Frutti Jam to Negroni Marmalade, these spreads are definitely unique.

Lucy's Dressings Garlic and Pepper Mayonnaise Vegetarian Healthy

Treats for snack time

Although they’re not a cooking ingredient, snacks are definitely a vital cupboard component. Whether you get peckish between meals, or need something to give the kids when they get home from school, our healthy yet delicious offerings are perfect for your pantry. 

Try Indie Bay’s Crunchy Pretzel Snacks in scrumptious flavours like Easy Cheesy and Cracked Pepper for a great mid-afternoon snack. Being low calorie and made with natural ingredients, you don’t need to worry about snacking on a few too many of these pretzel bites. If you’re really keen, you can even get them in boxes of 14 to see you through the week! 

Finally, it’s always handy to have some posh nibble lying around in case of an impromptu dinner – or just to indulge in by yourself! That’s why The Artful Bakers hand baked biscotti is great to have in the cupboard. With savoury delicacies such as Kalamata Olive + Orgena Biscotti Nibbles, as well as sweet Belgian Dark Chocolate + Almond Thins, these crunchy little treats are sure to impress!

Indie Bay Cracked Pepper Pretzel Snacks Vegan Dairy Free

If you’re interested in stocking up your shelves with other exciting products from start-up brands, be sure to check out our Filling The Cupboard page for loads of suggestions. With yummy Candy Kittens sweets to flavour-packed Leon condiments, there’s loads to look at!



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