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National Picnic Week: Our Top Treats Made For Sharing

Mighty Small Picnic Food and Drink

Share your favourite treats with your favourite people!

Are you a fan of picnics? The best include eating lots of tasty food and creating great memories. The worst result in melted chocolate snacks and sugary treats attracting loads of wasps… 

But picnics can be a lot of fun when all the stress is taken away from the situation. That’s why we’ve created a guide to the best food and drink to share at your outdoor events this summer! 

From sweet treats that won’t melt in the sun, to refreshing drinks with less sugar, check out some of our favourite products that scream summer.... 

Treats to go around

Getting together with friends and family is one of the best things about picnics. So, we’ve got loads of big sharing bags for everyone to join in the fun this summer!

Proper’s crunchy popcorn in Sweet + Salty is the perfect moorish treat for a day spent in the sun. With fewer calories and Fairtrade sugar, this is sure to go down a treat with everyone. Looking for something new to try? What about their Barbecue Lentil Chips that are a great source of protein and made with smoky chipotle pepper.

If you want to try a bit of everything, check out our Perfect Picnic Box with a mix of sweet and savoury treats, as well as refreshing drinks that make a great addition to any al fresco meal.

Mighty Small Perfect Picnic Box Bundle

Sweets that won't melt on your picnic blanket...

We love the summer sun but it can be a pain when deciding what to bring to a picnic. Here are some of our recommendations for fuss-free snacks that could become your next picnic staple. 

For a yummy and healthy snack bar, check out Fitbakes' range, available in Belgian Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate and Chocolate Orange. Handmade in Britain, these crunch snacks are made with natural ingredients, low in sugar and high in protein. Whether you're replenishing lost energy from an active weekend, or just want to curb sugar cravings in a healthy way, these bars make the perfect picnic snack. 

iLove Snacks' Gently Dehydrated Mango is the perfect sweet fix, that’ll deliver a refreshing tropical taste, without too much sugar. Each pack is calorie controlled and hand-picked, so you know you’re looking after yourself and the environment. 

Don’t want to miss out on chocolate just because it's boiling outside? Try Doisy and Dam's Dark Chocolate Drops! The handy sugar casing means these delicious treats won’t melt in the sun! They’re similar to smarties, but are made from ethically sourced Columbian chocolate, as well as being vegan and free from palm oil.

Doisy and Dam Vegan Dark Chocolate Drops

Thirst-quenching drinks

Staying hydrated is really important, so check out some of our refreshing drinks from small brands, dedicated to making healthier beverages. 

For a sugar free soft drink, try No.1 Living’s delicious sparkling kombuchas. Available in Ginger with Turmeric, Passionfruit with Goji and Raspberry with Pomegranate, these drinks are low calorie and full of probiotics.

If you’re looking for a drink that’s great on-the-go, VITHIT’s healthy juices are packed with vitamins and contain no preservatives. In fruity flavours like Berry, Mandarin and Apple + Elderflower, they’re created with specific goals in mind: to Revive, Perform, Boost and more!

No. 1 Living Passion Fruit Kombucha Healthy Vegan

We hope these recommendations elevate your picnics this summer and you can celebrate with friends and family. If there’s a lot of you, be sure to check out our Bulk Buying page so you don’t run out of any essentials!



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