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National Nut Day


Warning, this blog may contain nuts! Today is a day to celebrate the nutritious healthy snack, nuts! A brilliant source of plant protein, antioxidants and healthy fats which provide energy, support cell growth, protect organs and keep your body warm and thriving. At Mighty Small, we are nuts about nuts! Whether they’re in the form of a milk, a bar, covered in chocolate or as they are, we can’t get enough!


If you want all the nutritional benefits of nuts but don’t actually enjoy eating them, then plant milk may be the thing for you. As well as Soy and Oat, PLENISH have three nut milk: Almond, Cashew and Coconut. Benefits include less sugar, less saturated fat, less calories, and fewer carbon emissions than cows milk, so an easy and delicious swap that’s worthwhile to you and the planet.




Adonis are Keto snack bars that are high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates. See our Benefits of a Keto Diet bog for more information. Adonis nut bars come in flavours Dark Cocoa + Orange, Pecan, Hazelnut + Cocoa and Vanilla, as well as two nutty protein bars in Hazelnut Crunch + Cocoa and Peanut Butter + Cocoa. Between them containing up to 6 nuts: peanut, almond, pecan, coconut, cashew and hazelnut. Adonis are a sweet afternoon fix to avoid the 3pm blood sugar spike that disturbs focus, makes you tired and can result in unwanted weight gain. The nuts give you a slow release of energy, so that you avoid that unwanted afternoon crash.



Doisy & Dam

Thinking of going a bit more plant-based but feel like you’d miss out on some of your favourite big brand chocolate treats? Check out the Doisy & Dam range and you’ll realise you won’t be missing anything with their delicious dairy and palm oil free alternatives to some of your favourites. You can happily indulge whilst supporting the small guys! Check out you’re favourite chocolate coated peanuts in a colourful crunchy sugar coating get the vegan treatment in the Doisy & Dam, Dark Chocolate Peanut D&D’s



iLove snacks

iLove Snacks are perfect single-serve packets that include three nutty options: Smoked Almonds, Chilli + Lime Toasted Cashews as well as Cocoa, Vanilla + Sea Salt Toasted Cashews. They are the ideal portion controlled treat, great for a desk snack to graze while you answer emails or nibble on during your walk to the gym, for a protein-packed pre-workout snack! You can buy individually or in bulk 15 pack boxes to guarantee a stocked up snack cupboard, always!



Woolf’s Kitchen

The award-winning Woolf Bites, by The Woolf’s Kitchen, are a mouthwatering range of sticky, spicy, smoky and sweet nuts. They are incredibly flavoursome and ridiculously moreish, the ultimate sophisticated snack. The 80g pouches are ideal for serving up with drinks at a social gathering, perfect for the festive period.



On the subject of Christmas, a great festive way to treat your family, friendship group and colleagues is with a Mighty Small gift box. Get in touch at support@mighty-small.co.uk or order directly through our website here.



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