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National Beer Day 2021: Why We Love Beer

The Five Points Brewing Company Jupa Craft Beer

Cheers to a very British holiday

Happy National Beer Day 2021! Every year on June 15th, Britain celebrates our favourite beverage with a toast to beer.

But this year especially, we want to celebrate beer for all it has done for us over the past twelve months. For a while, it meant kicking back on the sofa after a long day of working from home. 

Now, it means reuniting with friends in sunny gardens and reasonably socially distanced pubs. And very soon, it could mean crowding around a sticky table in a packed pub.

So, in anticipation, we want to celebrate the best of British beer – its origins, its ingredients and our favourite beers available on Mighty Small!

How do I celebrate National Beer Day?

Shout about National Beer Day by making a toast at 7pm on June 15th and sharing your favourite pictures to social media with the hashtag #CheersToBeer.

From the safety of home, or in your favourite local pub, try a locally-brewed beer to celebrate this uniquely British drink. 

Stay tuned on our social media, we’ll be celebrating along with you!

The Five Points Brewing Cop XPA

What actually is beer? 

Put simply, beer is made of four main ingredients: water, grain, yeast and hops. Boiling and fermenting these creates the distinct and bitter taste that we’ve come to associate with beer.

Did you know that the earliest record of beer being made in England was in 1412? Brewed by a German woman in Colchester, this was considered to be quite different from ale. 

Since then, traditional brewing and the exciting craft beer movement has made Britain’s beers some of the most unique in the world. And we’re proud to stock some of them on our website! Check them out below...

The Five Points Brewing Company Craft Beer

One of our favourite beers...

Brewed in Hackney, The Five Points Brewing Company makes three refreshing and unique beers. Their Pale ale has a hint of zestiness to bring out the barley flavour, while their Jupa has tropical tones of pineapple, mango and papaya. Wanting something a little bitter? Try their light yet edgy XPA this National Beer Day!

Whichever beer is your favourite, treat yourself to a cold and refreshing can for National Beer Day today at 7pm – cheers! 



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