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Mighty Small's Summer Essentials

Harry Bromptons London Ice Tea Healthy

Bring on the sun!

With lockdown restrictions lifting and the sun beginning to shine, we can finally enjoy the warmer weather we’ve all been looking forward to. 

Hopefully, that will mean busy days packed with seeing friends, spending time with loved ones and lots and lots of food! 

So, what are the perfect sunshine-packed goodies that will make this summer even better? Check out our ideas below…

Kick back with Harry Brompton's Iced Tea

What says summer more than iced tea? Picture the ideal drink to take on a relaxing walk or to a picnic… that’s Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea

Available in Peach or Lemon, these refreshing drinks are low calorie and reduced sugar, the perfect guilt-free summer drink staple. 

A blend of the finest teas from the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, each iced tea is completely natural and free from preservatives.

These delightful drinks are even available in boxes of 12, great for any iced tea fanatics out there!

Harry Brompton's Ice Tea Healthy Vegan Iced Tea

Snack on 5th Season

It can be difficult to make sure you’re eating healthily on those busy summer days, but 5th Season’s handy fruit snack packs are a great solution! 

These clever pouches contain the equivalent of 80g of fresh fruit, with 90% of the nutrients being retained due to the freeze drying process. One pack even counts to one of your 5-a-day!

With Scrumptious Strawberries, Heavenly Pineapple and a Fabulous Fruit Salad, 5th Season helps you snack on the go, without getting into a sticky situation with fresh fruit.

5th Season Healthy Freeze Dried Fruit Strawberries

Rehydrate with Phizz

We welcome the hot weather, but it means dehydration can be a serious problem! That’s where Phizz comes in. 

Their effervescent tablets are scientifically formulated to blend the vitamins your body needs into a simple glass of water. 

Phizz’s Orange and Apple + Blackcurrant hydration tablets are packed with 19 vitamins and minerals and will help you absorb up to three times more liquid!

Packed in a handy tube, these tablets are great for on-the-go or in the morning before your day kicks off.

Phizz Hydrating Tablets Healthy

We hope you’re looking forward to the summer months as much as we are. We’ve all earned a carefree holiday full of good times and great food, to say the least! 

And don’t forget, if you’ve got any summer birthdays you need to prepare for, we offer loads of great gift bundles to treat that special someone!




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