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Meet the Maker: Harry Turpin of The Savourists

Meet Harry from The Savourists

This week's man of the hour is Harry Turpin, founder of The Savourists. We will all discover how Harry started the brand and what inspired him to make such a big move.

From creating a brand to being a successful entrepreneur in the industry, Harry is proof that taking the first step is the secret of getting ahead.

Let's hear it straight from Harry...

Why the name The Savourists?

The Savourists are saving snackers from the tyranny of sweet. We’re an open and inclusive group, anyone can be a Savourist!

Describe your brand in 3 words

Bold, disruptive, honest

Where did your fun branding inspiration come from?

Each bar has its own colour identity and distinct icon. We’ve kept the pack simple so that the flavours can really sing.

What made you decide to launch a range of savoury snack bars?

The category is totally dominated by sweet bars with health claims on the front that don’t match up with the ingredients on the back. We thought it’s time to bring real innovation and create a category of our own with one of the first ever savoury snack bars. Bringing savoury flavours people know and love, along with some totally unique ones (Black Olive and Nori we’re looking at you!), into a totally new format has been our mission since day 1. The best thing we hear customers say is, “finally a savoury bar!”.

What’s been a surprising challenge in launching a brand?

I was an early starter in another food and drink brand so knew what I was getting myself into! Even so there have still been surprising challenges along the way. Launching an impulse product in December 2019, just months before lockdown number 1, was a real challenge but we’ve made it through stronger and tastier. Each lockdown gave us the time to really take on board customer feedback and tweak the recipe: we now have the best savoury snack bar around.

Tell us more about the high fibre, low sugar, plant protein content of your bars.

We wanted to make a snack that was genuinely healthy with authentic, high quality, natural ingredients. Our bars are packed with prebiotic fibre from chicory roots. Fibre is the fuel that good bacteria need to keep your gut happy and your immune system in top notch condition. Being savoury our bars are naturally low in sugar and there is none added. There are no quick-fix sugar rushes here! The plant protein comes from wholefood ingredients like puffed ancient grains and seeds, we don’t use processed protein powders. Real food means real flavour. All of these components come together in a deliciously savoury bar that’s genuinely healthy and one of a kind.

You’ve recently been on the Dragons Den, we’d love to know more about your experience

What was the experience like?

All eyes fixed on you, no accountant stood by your side, reliant on the multiple dress runs done to family and friends. Despite watching countless episodes of the show, nothing really prepares you for the feeling of entering the room. It was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had, can safely say I felt most emotions, nerves, excitement, fear, anticipation in the run up to and especially on the day.

Now you have the experience under your belt, what would you say to another brand who is going to enter the Den?

Not to forget it is for TV, give them the best of not only your business but yourself as well. Not everyone who records the series gets aired on TV so make sure you bring something really stand out to your pitch. The experience is unbelievable but it is a lot of work. The whole process from researcher contact to the episode airing for us was around 9 months so don’t let it consume too much of your time. Amazing experience and the Dragons are brilliant, just don’t forget they are real people and the amount of potential investors you would normally talk to throughout an investment round would be far greater than 5, so take the knocks with a pinch of salt.



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