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Get your fruit fix from small brands this summer

Get your fruit fix: Mighty Small's favourite fruit snacks, drinks and spreads

Enjoy the sun with some refreshing fruity treats!

Summer isn’t summer without enjoying your favourite in-season fruits. But sometimes, it can be difficult to remember to buy fresh fruit, or when you do, you find it bruised and rotten a few days after!

That’s why our fruit snacks and drinks are the perfect alternative for anyone looking to get their five-a-day, without worrying about best before dates. 

From handy dried fruit pouches, to delicious marmalades, loads of our products are bursting with fruity flavours that’ll keep you refreshed this summer. Check out some of our favourites below...

Fruit to enjoy on-the-go

5th Season's freeze-dried fruit snacks are described as “fruit without the fuss.” Retaining over 90% of the nutrients from fresh fruit, these snack packs are calorie-controlled and count to one of your five-a-day. 

They come in three yummy flavours: Heavenly Pineapple, Scrumptious Strawberries, and if you can’t pick just one, Fabulous Fruit Salad. Coming in boxes of six, these are perfect for an everyday snack, especially for children. 

I Love Snacks also makes delicious dried fruit snack pouches, with Gently Dehydrated Mango and Gently Dehydrated Baby Pineapple available on their own or in boxes of 15! Hand-picked with no added sugar, these are a great snack for health conscious grazers!

Pack in your bag, or add them to your breakfast for a little morning pick-me-up!

Fruit with a twist

Handmade in small batches, Rogue's spreads are made from creative combinations of high quality fruits. The range is fully vegan and free-from major allergens, so anyone can enjoy these innovative spreads. 

If you’re a fan of oranges, check out their Blood Orange + Vanilla, Negroni and Dark + Stormy Marmalades for great depth of flavour. Or, if you’re looking for something a little sweeter, you may like their Tutti Frutti Jam

Spread on toast or even bake into a rich chocolate cake for a streak of fruit to elevate the taste.

Thirst-quenching, fruity drinks

These refreshing soft drinks contain no added sugar, but still have a subtle fruity taste. Nix & Kix is London based and uses BPA-free cans, meaning no harmful chemicals are released into the drink. 

Their light sparkling waters have a subtle taste of fruit, with flavours such as Blood Orange + Turmeric and Watermelon + Hibiscus. If you want to try them all, you can even get them in a mixed case of 24 to keep you going throughout the summer. 

Or, if you’re entertaining guests, Nix & Kix’s soft drinks are packed with flavour, low in sugar and wonderfully fizzy. These are available in the same delicious flavours, including Mango + Ginger and Raspberry Rhubarb.

If you’re big into fruity drinks, be sure to check out our Soft Drinks & Juices page for more healthy and flavour-packed beverages. Or, what about our Mighty Fridge Filler, a hamper filled with tasty soft drinks? This is great to enjoy yourself or even gift to a loved one with a handwritten gift note. Enjoy!



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