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International Women's Day: Female Founded Brands


A spotlight on some of our female-owned start-up brands...

Did you know that 29% of the brands we stock were founded by women?

You might know some of these brands and their female founders, but have you heard about some of the other amazing things these women have achieved?

Dafna Bonas, Indie Bay

Despite being a mother to 3 and an FMCG business owner, Dafna Bonas still finds the time to explore other ventures. Before starting Indie Bay, she co-founded Founders For Good (now Founder’s Pledge), an initiative that works to fight inequalities in employment, education and health.

Julianne Ponan, Creative Nature

You might know Julianne for founding the allergy-friendly baking and snack brand, Creative Nature, but Ponan is a business heavyweight. She began her business journey by appearing on Dragons Den back in 2017, but only two years later she was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 people to watch.

Eve Yankah, Bepps Snacks

Not only is Eve Yankah a mother, but she also founded Bepps Snacks - now one of our most popular brands on Mighty Small. However, aside from creating amazing products, Yankah and her brand also sponsor 5 children in Ghana throughout their education, whilst also donating thousands of bags of Bepps to foodbanks in London each year.


Hayley 'Bay' Burdett, Bay's Kitchen

After being diagnosed with IBS, Hayley decided to found her own business, Bay's Kitchen, that creates delicious low FODMAP products to help her manage her symptoms as advised by her doctors. With the help of YF Funding, Burdett's start-up brand secured a 6-figure investment just 2 years after it's launch! Her brand has only grown in success since then and Hayley continues to raise awareness of IBS by creating amazing products suitable for sufferers.


Kate Percy, Kate Percy's Go Bites

You might know Kate from her delicious energy-boosting Go Bites, but did you know that she is an avid runner? She began by taking part in the Race for Life 5K for Cancer Research in Bristol in July 2004, and went on to run the New York Marathon that very same year! Now a Sunday Times Maserati 100 game-changing business leader, Kate has authored multiple best-selling active lifestyle cookbooks and nutrition guides, the most recent one being Go Faster Food For Your Active Family.

Jugpreet ‘Baj' Sandhu, Baj's Blazin' Hot Sauce

Jugpreet loved making her father's hot sauce and sharing it with family and friends. It was always a hit so in 2014, she and her sister launched their Dad's Original Hot Sauce at Greenwich Market. Since then, they’ve added two more varieties (Smokin’ Sister and Mum’s Mango). You haven't had a good hot sauce until you’ve had a Baj’s Blazin’ Hot Sauce.

Dominique Woolf, The Woolf's Kitchen

Dominique’s love of bold flavours and her Thai heritage inspired her to use her chef’s training and create The Woolf’s Kitchen. She has also taken inspiration from her travels to Mexico and India to create a range of sauces and snacks. Fierce, feisty and never a dull mouthful, she thinks you’ll love them (and so do we)!

Ellie Webb, Caleño

Caleño was born out of Ellie’s personal frustration, unimpressed by the non-alcoholic drinks on offer and she decided it was time to bring some joy to not drinking. Inspired by her family homeland and fuelled by her Latin positivity, she set out to infuse the sun-drenched flavours of Colombia with her non-alcoholic spirits. The result? Caleño. Non-alcoholic spirits, for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Ella Rauen-Prestes, Fitbakes

Ella has a tech background working in the telecom industry, starting Fitbakes as a side business to satisfy her sweet tooth without the sugar and artificial ingredients. She thought that using the best ingredients nature has to offer makes the best snacks. The business has since grown from Ella’s kitchen to having a proper bakery and thousands of customers. At Fitbakes, they believe that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring.


Charlotte Dauzat and Kim Lamza, GATO Biscuits

Charlotte and Kim’s love of food and the planet led them to founding GÂTO. Their aim is to bring together plants and patisserie, helping make the plant-based option a no-brainer when indulging your sweet tooth because it’s so delicious. They aren’t expecting people to become vegans but want their product to help add more plant based foods to your diet. You would never know their products are vegan!

Rushina Shah, Insane Grain

Rushina is indeed extraordinary in her own ways. After putting herself through university and working in a corporate environment, she kickstarted in the business world in 2017. To bring you something that is truly unique, she founded Insane Grain! Fast forward to the present, it is now available in thousands of stores in the UK.

Lucy Mackenzie, Lucy's Dressings

Lucy’s journey is proof that starting from scratch is always worth the risk. Lucy’s Dressings started at her kitchen table believing there was a way of transforming simple and fresh ingredients into something a little more exciting. So, she got to work sourcing local ingredients and making dressings the way she had always made them. Because of her talent and toil, Lucy’s Dressings has been lucky enough to win 11 Great Taste awards!

Susan Gafsen, Pep & Lekker

Susan had always wanted to have her own business, but it took her until her 50’s, before she was finally willing to take that all-important leap of faith. This came in response to the lack of nutritious and tasty foods for her vegan son. As a novice into the world of food & drink, and with a global pandemic lurking in the shadows, the ‘early years’ were full of unexpected ‘twists and turns', yet Susan remains very excited about the long and winding road that lies in front of her. She believes Pep & Lekker’s seed snacks are perfectly placed to play their part in the blossoming health and wellness debate.

Simona Deifta, Nojo 

To Simona, eating is about celebration of good quality ingredients. Her mission is to turn around the idea of healthy food and offer better nutrition whilst trying to be good for people and the planet. This is how she founded Nojo. It is made up of 100% natural, vegan, gluten free and delicious dressings that makes every meal luxurious and enjoyable. Life is fast, but their sauces slow things right down.

Kerstin Robinson and Julia Kessler, Nix & Kix

A chance encounter, the discovery of a shared passion for adventure and a desire to create their own destiny led to the creation of Nix & Kix. Kerstin and Julia enjoy the freedom in exploring and creating natural drinks that excite everyone. And once they discovered how much other people love them, they haven’t stopped! They learned that when you take the time to explore, nature provides all the ingredients you need.

Siddhi Mehta, Rhythm 108

Experiencing first-hand the Swiss Rhythm of Life and their relationship with nature, society and nutrition, Siddhi was inspired to start her own business centred on these principles. She came across the philosophy of slow living. Rhythm 108 inspires big change through small treats. They champion compassion and nurture meaningful connections to find the joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Tetiana Vynokurova and Ksenia Tkacheva, Supergood Bakery

From brilliant amateur chefs and recipe developers, to yogis, travellers, bloggers and mums, it’s quite the mix – Supergood sprang to life in 2017, brought together by Tetiana and Ksania’s shared love of baking and the goal of living a more balanced lifestyle. Four years, thousands of bakes, and countless trips to the post office later, their all-female team of friends and foodies has flourished. They believe, whether you’re a baking novice, vegan, gluten-free or just in the mood for something a little different, they should all be able to savour the joys of baking yourself happy.

Jacqueline Barleycorn, The Great British Porridge Co

Jacqueline’s mission began when she noticed how much better she felt after switching to a natural, healthy, dairy free diet – and wanted to spread the word. She knew whatever she made had to be nutritious, delicious and quick and easy to enjoy. Sack loads of oats (and torn up recipes) later, The Great British Porridge Co. was born. The Great British Porridge Co makes delicious, healthy and dairy free instant breakfasts just for you.

Deborah Pyner, Sweet Freedom

Deborah has been a successful entrepreneur not just locally, but also internationally. This is all because of her tremendous creativity, dedication and persistence. She started from humble beginnings. It wasn't an easy journey, but she found a way to founding Sweet Freedom. Sweet Freedom is a natural food brand available at retail in all major UK supermarkets and health food stores, plus export. Sweet Freedom makes healthy taste great!

Maria Trechman and Sara Trechman, Well & Truly

Sister-in-law duo Sara and Maria felt there was a lack of great tasting snacks that weren't really unhealthy so they set out to make better-for-you versions of much loved snacks in popular flavours and traditional formats. They have found being co-founders has helped them a lot through the challenges of a start up as they can bounce ideas off and challenge each other. To attract mass market, they created snacks without nasties in them. This brilliant idea of theirs is how Well & Truly was born! The brand promotes a healthier snack that also tastes good! 

Helena Hills, Truestart Coffee

Helena and her husband originally had the idea for TrueStart 7 years ago when they were in triathlon training. Helena was quite sensitive to caffeine and drinking one didn’t do its job for them. This led the couple to a discovery of something mind blowing - that the caffeine level in coffee varies massively! Surely, they’re not the only people in the world who think a reliably caffeinated, super clean coffee would be awesome - coffee that makes us feel great every time, with no crash and no jitters. Coffee that is super clean, and doesn't need filling with milk and sugar– that is simply Truestart Coffee!

Theadora Alexander, Mighty Small

At Mighty Small, we are proud of the fact that one of our founders, Thea, is female! Alongside Mighty Small, Thea also founded Young Foodies, the UK's largest Community of food & drink startups, to help them share access to resources and services to help them scale and take on the big guys!

To learn more about which of our brands are female-founded, head over to our brands page.

Don't forget to support these women-led businesses and support small!

Once again, happy International Women's Day!





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