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An Interview with Hunter & Gather


We caught up with Amy Moring, one half of the founding team at Hunter & Gather, producers of condiments and supplements free from grains, sugars & seed oils.

First things first, tell us your story

Hunter & Gather was born from the separate needs of Jeff and me. I am a lifelong coeliac and always understood the importance of checking what ingredients are in the things we eat. As time went on, I was shocked by the amount of added ingredients that is in our packaged foods.

Jeff, on the other hand, had gone on a journey of discovery to overcome childhood Asthma, acne and stomach pains to delve into the Keto and Paleo lifestyle with principles of no sugars, grains or seed/vegetable oils. With his health and wellness improving dramatically, I also adopted this way of life and together we have never looked back.

There are huge numbers of people living lifestyles like Paleo, Keto, Low carb and/or living with intolerances that many food brands don’t even think about. We realised that we were not the only people that needed a brand like Hunter & Gather and that was when we decided to make real food, with Optimal Health in mind for everyone.

What was so wrong with existing condiments that made you want to create your own?

Our first product offering was an avocado oil mayonnaise. Commercially produced mayonnaise is made with over 60% oil, in some cases this can be as high as 80% oil. All of the mayonnaise that was available in the UK and Europe when we launched was made with vegetable or seed oils. These seed or vegetable oils are deemed to be inflammatory due to high Omega 6 levels and are not suitable for those following a Keto or Paleo lifestyle and there is growing evidence that these oils are poor types of fats.

We knew we could make a 100% avocado oil mayonnaise using a healthy fat from the avocado fruit, that would be suitable for a number of lifestyles that just did not have any options here.

Our mayonnaise is also free from sugars, grains as well as seed and vegetable oils and was the foundation of Hunter & Gather.

Tell us a fact about Hunter & Gather that we would never know.

Our Extra Virgin Avocado oil uses fruit that is often discarded for being the wrong size or shape, even though the flesh inside is perfect! We use these hand-picked, hand-sorted avocados from small scale farmers in Kenya – who have wooden ladders, a family cow for manure and they also grow coffee and other fruits alongside the avocado trees (avoiding monocropping). They use sticky fly traps rather than pesticides and they come together to work in a Coop to support each other. We love this!

Avocados grow naturally in Kenya, so no intensive farming methods or sever water irrigation is needed. Jeff and I went to visit the farmers and it was an amazing experience to meet them all.

hunter and gather kenya farmers jeff amy

Has there been anything particularly hard about making your product?

Yes! It is not that easy to make a mayonnaise with only 4 ingredients, we were actually told at the beginning it wouldn’t be possible. Conventional commercially produced mayo has 13+ ingredients, including sugars, chemical preservatives and thickeners. We just didn’t want to do that! We wanted a great tasting, clean and healthy mayonnaise option and we think we have nailed it.

The joy of running your own business is that there are constant challenges, decisions and areas to grow/develop. You have to be a real self-starter, but taking the time to reflect back and set goals/ambitions is key. The desire to ensure that our customers can obtain healthier options is key to what we do. We strive to provide the tools that our tribe needs to thrive.

What is your favourite thing in the world to eat?

Weirdly I don’t have a “favourite” food as such, but I love real foods cooked well. There is nothing better than a delicate wild-caught salmon, with some cauliflower rice with a dollop of avo-mayo! I think Jeff’s would have to be a grass-fed steak.

hunter and gather mayo oil supplements collagen

So, what’s next for Hunter & Gather?

We are focusing on lots of exciting things at Hunter & Gather, we want to ensure that we continue to provide the right tools for our customers to thrive. Be it through education, content, new products and an improved interaction with us directly. Watch this space – exciting things are coming in the last half of 2020!



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