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Good for You... Good for the Earth


Here at Mighty Small, we care for you as much as we care for the Earth. This awareness leads us to collaborating with brands that not only satisfy our cravings in a healthy way, but also care for the environment as much as we do. So, in celebration of the Earth Day, we are proud to be presenting some of our brands who don’t only provide foods that are good for you. They do their very best and give their 100% effort to produce delicious treats that are environmentally-friendly and Earth-approved!


Milliways is not just your ordinary chewing gum brand. From the gum itself to its packaging, they are all plastic free! A super natural gum is what they are known for. They have taken their brand to a whole new kind of level by not tolerating the use of plastic and staying sweet but only as nature intended. Millliways make us enjoy chewing gums guilt free and plastic free!



Flawsome doesn’t only make drinks that are awesome and beneficial to our health. They exist to help the Earth breathe by helping save food waste! They turn wonky & surplus fruit into drinks that are not only delicious but save at least 2 fruits per bottle and can! Since 2018, they have been able to bring people together to encourage positive change by saving over 24 million fruit!

Sweet Freedom

Sweet Freedom, aside from treating us with sweet but natural sauces and shots, are big animal lovers. They believe in the sanctuary for all animals and are big supporters of preserving the rainforest. They donate to The Orangutan Project which is dedicated to saving Borneo’s critically endangered orangutans and their habitats which are affected by the clearing of jungles for palm oil plantations. They have taken a stand and use no palm oil in any Sweet Freedom products.

Doisy & Dam

Doisy & Dam believes that the use of palm oil is already a thing of the past. That is why their chocolate products have set newer and much healthier standards. You can now indulge in chocolate without harming your health and the Earth as they don’t use palm oil in any of their products. They are really showing the big boys how it can and should be done!

Joe's Tea Co

Joe’s Tea Co values the Earth as much as they value their customers! Not only is Joe’s Tea Co completely carbon neutral, but the brand also invests in the people growing their produce in Sri Lanka! From helping to make the farming process more sustainable, to supporting their female employees, they really put people and the planet at the top of their priority list. The plantations where their tea is sourced from are small, organic and pesticide free, making these drinks extra healthy and tasty.

Mighty M.lk

Mighty M.lk’s principles don’t simply end by giving us healthy drinks. They also aim to save the Earth. They strongly believe that oats and yellow split peas are more sustainable than dairy farming. They have also invested time into understanding the impact their products have on the environment and identifying areas they can improve on. This gave them a reason to collaborate with Mondra and get to the bottom of their eco credentials. They scored Eco Impact A Label rating for the products evaluated.

5th Season Fruit

Snacking is more fun when you know that you are not harming yourself and the Earth. That’s why 5th Season Fruit is here not just to satisfy our cravings but also help protect the Earth. Their fruit is ethically and sustainably sourced and certified from Egypt, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Costa Rica and Peru. They donate 1p per pack to Farm Africa, an innovative charity that reduces poverty in Eastern Africa by unleashing African (female) farmers' abilities to grow their incomes in an environmentally sustainable way.


Just like the rest of your food and drink, beers can also be sustainable. Days is one of those brands who does not only care for our health but also for the Earth. Aside from being an alcohol-free beer, their ingredients are locally sourced. The water comes from the heart of the Lammermuir Hills of Scotland while the premium malt they use is grown locally to their brewery. They are committed to using the finest local ingredients when it comes to flavour.




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