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Top Five Reasons to #shopsmall This Christmas

A pile of presents wrapped in red and brown paper with festive ribbon.

#shopsmall for your Xmas gifts this festive season - support our Mighty Small independent food & drinks brands. 

After a turbulent year ruled by the Coronavirus pandemic, small businesses face an increasingly challenging environment. Christmas 2020 will be pivotal for start-up brands, an American Express study estimating that 46% of independent business owners are relying on above average sales during the festive period in order to stay in business.

Here at Mighty Small, we proudly champion indie brands across the food & drink industry, and that’s why, this Christmas, we’re campaigning louder than ever for consumers to #shopsmall! Here are our top five reasons why.

1. It’s better for the environment

A plant held in a pair of hands. There is a background of soil and leaves.


We pride ourselves on selling products that not only taste delicious, but are also ethical and do good for the environment! Whether it’s 100% recycled packaging, sustainable farming methods or reducing food waste, our brands lead the way in being environmentally friendly.

Take Black Bee Honey, their production supports British black bees and has numerous environmental benefits, stimulating the pollination of UK wildflowers and food crops. They’ve kept ethics and sustainability at the core of their business and are now on their way to becoming a certified B-corp!

TrueStart Coffee have a similar story, as a Rainforest Alliance Certified brand, their coffee is sourced from farms that meet comprehensive standards for sustainability - using fewer agrochemicals, protecting waterways, soils and sensitive ecosystems, and helping wildlife to return to farming regions.

2. Creates a sense of Community 

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Born out of Lockdown, Mighty Small is a place for independent food & drink startups to come together and be supported. Community sits at the heart of everything we do and by shopping small this Christmas, you can help our growing hub of indie brands to thrive.

This year, like no other, brands like ours need your support. #Shopsmall to give independents the courage to keep on pushing and the investment they need to grow!

3. Their products are better for you

Doisy & Dam chocolate snaps spilled onto a wooden chopping board. There is a marble surface in the background and the packet of snaps is pink.


Our start-up food and drinks brands produce goods that not only do good for the environment, they are also set on creating better for you alternatives - reducing the numbers of unnecessary ingredients across the board.

Did you know that your typical chocolate bar is probably packed full of palm oil, processed sugars and e-numbers? Mighty Small brand Doisy & Dam wanted to change that, producing rich tasting chocolate with better ethics and even better ingredients! Their chocolates are all palm oil free, low sugar, contain 70% cocoa and are made with 100% natural ingredients so, when you #shopsmall, you can trust what you’re putting into your body.

4. Outstanding Customer Service

A quote from a customer sits on a bright blue background with images of products down the left hand side.


Independent brands pride themselves on providing top quality customer service. At Mighty Small we’re immensely proud to say that 95% of our shoppers rated us five stars on Trustpilot!

When you #shopsmall your support is highly valued and small brands often rely on positive reviews or recommendations to bring in more custom. Even if an issue does come up, shopping from artisanal brands means you’ll be able to talk to a real person who will be more than happy to help resolve it!

5. Gifts can be personalised

Mighty Small's christmas packaging on a pink background. The box is cardboard and has a coral label on it.


Shopping small makes finding personalised gifts easy! All of our Mighty Small bundles come with the option of a handwritten note, so you can add a personal touch to your foodie presents. Better still, our Christmas Mystery Bundle includes a handwritten personalised Xmas card and our To and From label makes it ideal to sit straight under the tree.

Perhaps you fancy making your loved one their own unique food hamper for Xmas? Our Build Your Own Bundle lets you pick from hundreds of products to curate the ultimate personalised Christmas food & drink gift. You can even add our special Christmas packaging at the checkout for an extra festive twist! 

There we have it, Mighty Small’s top five reasons to #shopsmall this Christmas! If you’re looking for gifts for Mum, Dad, your best friend or a food crazy loved one, be sure to explore our range of festive food & drink presents. Our products cater for all dietary requirements including vegan, gluten or dairy free, there really is something for everyone!

We’ve also recently launched a new Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks range, perfect for the holiday season and bringing in the New Year.

Photos of Mighty Small's new alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks range





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