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Eco-Friendly Food and Drinks Brands

Mighty Small Eco-friendly Independent Food and Drink Brands

The small businesses embracing sustainability

A lot of the brands we stock at Mighty Small are championing the environment in so many ways. From production to packaging and distribution, many are trying their best to reduce their carbon footprint and do their bit for the planet. 

So, who are the brands going above and beyond to dedicate their time and resources into making great tasting products that are also eco-friendly? Let’s meet them below…

Brave in the face of the climate crisis

Using pulses to create deliciously crunchy snacks, Brave is big on sustainability. All their peas are grown in the East of England and their colourful packaging is completely recyclable. 

The great thing about pulses is that they emit less C02 and use less land than any source of protein. Considering food production contributes 25% to global greenhouse gases, you can be proud to be snacking on such a wonder product! Their fully vegan range is available in Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate, Paprika + Chilli and more.

Joe's Tea Co: values as green as their tea

Not only is Joe’s Tea Co completely carbon neutral, but the brand also invests in the people growing their produce in Sri Lanka! From helping to make the farming process more sustainable, to supporting their female employees, they really put people and the planet at the top of their priority list.

The plantation where the tea is sourced from are small, organic and pesticide free, making these drinks extra healthy and tasty. In 2021, they’re even transitioning to fully compostable inner packaging and plastic-free pyramid tea bags - watch this space for when we launch them!

These fruity and herbal infusions come in Ever-So-English Everyday Tea, Feisty Turmeric Guru, The Berry Best and many more!

Joe's Tea Co. Feisty Turmeric Healthy Organic Tea

We're buzzing about Black Bee Honey

The Founders of Black Bee Honey, Paul and Chris, are passionate about sourcing pure British honey. Unlike supermarket products, which blend the cheapest EU and Non-EU honeys, their honey is single-source from black bee populations in South West England. 

The black bee is the original British honey bee and is now almost completely extinct. By supporting their populations, Black Bee Honey’s beekeepers are keeping this wonderfully British tradition alive. 

Available in Spring, Summer and Autumn blends, this honey makes you admire the beautiful British countryside where it’s produced.


 The environment is really important to us at Mighty Small, which is why we’ll continue to bring you yummy yet eco-conscious goodies. We also offer many of our products in larger bulk sizes, which often means saving on packaging! 

However you want to support the environment, from reducing plastic to eating plant-based dishes, we hope we can help you make the greener choice from time-to-time.



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