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B Corp Brands at Mighty Small


What is a B Corp Brand?

B Corporations are businesses that reach the highest excellence of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Brands become Certified B Corporations by meeting these standards. 

B Corps are redefining success in business by accelerating the global shift that’s building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Society’s biggest challenges aren’t solved by government and non-profits alone so there is a great need for B Corp businesses. B Corps use their own profits and growth for beneficial means; making a positive impact for their employees, communities and the environment. They work to eliminate inequality, lower poverty, make for a healthier environment and strengthen communities with the evolution of more dignified and purposeful, high-quality jobs.


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How do B Corps work?

B Corp Certification evaluates both the product and the overall positive impact of the company standing behind it - something today’s consumer cares increasingly more about.

To be Certified, brands must achieve a pass-worthy score on an assessment of their impact on employers, customers, community and environment. Brands must make their B Impact Report clear and accessible on bcorporation.net. Brands must also amend their legal governing documents to enforce that their director’s balance profit and purpose. This validation from a third party and transparency to the public as well as legal accountability help brands to form trust and value. 


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Why is it important?

B Corp Brands are important because they are purpose-driven, meaning they create benefits for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. The Certified B Corporation believe we must be the change we want to see in the world and that all businesses should make decisions that matter for people and places, doing no harm and benefiting all, conducting in a way that understands we are each dependent upon another and responsible for each other and future generations.

Certified B Corp brands at Mighty Small

Doisy & Dam - Certified since April 2017

Proper - Certified since January 2018

Dr Will’s - Certified since November 2020 

Plenish - Certified since November 2020

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B Corps are pioneering the movement of leaders using their business as a force for good. You can support B Corps, and therefore support all that they stand for, by choosing to buy from them. At Mighty Small, many of our challenger brands are working through the process of becoming Certified B Corp, such as Candy Kittens  TrueStart Coffee and Black Bee Honey - watch this space!



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