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Black History Month US: Black Owned Brands We Stock

A look at some of our favourite black-owned start-up food & beverage brands

It might not be Black History month for us in the UK until October, but for our American friends across the pond, it is currently underway. 

Black History Month, with the first held back in the US in 1970, has evolved to a global annual celebration where we recognise the achievements and contributions of people of African and Caribbean descent.

In honour of Black History Month, here’s a look at a couple of our favourite black-owned start-up food and beverage brands that we stock!

Füd Vitamin Energy

Founded by Philip Udeh, who suffers from chronic fatigue due to sickle cell anaemia, Füd Vitamin Energy are a start-up drinks company that sells naturally caffeinated energy drinks.

Born and raised in London, Philip was exposed to the social injustices that black people have had to face on a day-to-day basis and wanted to make a change for people like himself. He ran various programs and activities for local black youth after joining Lewisham’s Race Equality Council in 2005, before starting his own social cause in 2008.

In 2016, he started his energy drink business (formerly known as Brain Füd) which he took to the Dragons on Dragons Den in 2020. However, despite being offered a £50,000 investment, Udeh wanted to remain in total control of the company, thus opting to follow the route of crowd-funding instead.

You can browse their delicious drinks here.

Bepps Snacks

Eve Yankah founded Bepps Snacks back in 2018 as part of her mission to create a healthier snack option for her young crisp-loving daughter. They create vegan and gluten-free friendly puffed and popped crisps, from black eyed peas - a common ingredient in Mediterranean, South American and West African cooking.

The savoury snack brand has a great sense of social responsibility and do their best to fight the injustices of the world. Not only do they donate thousands of packets of Bepps Snacks to various food banks across London each year, but they also sponsor 5 school children in Ghana throughout their education.

 You can browse their gluten-free and vegan snacks here.


Both Füd Vitamin Energy and Bepps Snacks have grown in success over the past few years, and are now two of the most popular start-up brands that we stock on Mighty Small - we can’t wait to watch them continue to grow and prosper.

If you’re looking for a natural energy boost or a tasty gluten-free and vegan snack, you can buy both brands from our online shop 😋



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