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The Best Food And Drink For A Tokyo Olympics 2021 Watching Party

Tuck in and enjoy the games: the best snacks for an Olympics watching party

Gather some friends and family, tuck in and enjoy the excitement...

It’s been a long time coming – over a year – but the sporting event of 2021 has finally arrived. 

This Friday marks the start of the Tokyo Olympics, where the world’s top athletes will gather for two weeks of impressive showmanship and physical challenges. One thing’s for sure; they have to make sure they’re eating the right thing. 

But as we’re only spectators, we can indulge a little more with some fun snacks and tasty drinks. Here are some of our recommendations for Olympics watching party food and drink accompaniments…

Calm the tension with Proper's popcorn

There’s nothing quite like munching popcorn while watching something tense. Whether it’s a horror film at the cinema, or the men’s 100m track finals, you’ll find yourself reaching the bottom of the bag before the event even begins. 

So, you may want to stock up on Proper’s delicious yet healthy popcorn. We have classic Sweet and Salty flavours that are sure to be fan favourites. We even have boxes of eight to last you right through the games!

Why not try mixing all the flavours together in a bowl to make a fun mixture of sweet and savoury deliciousness?

Proper Propercorn Popcorn Healthy Vegan Gluten Free

Master the time different with TrueStart's coffee

With so many different events throughout the two weeks, it can get a bit hectic. The added time difference between the UK and Japan might also mean staying up later than usual to watch your favourite events. 

But you can beat the sleepiness with TrueStart’s smooth coffees. With a range of refreshing cold brews in Vanilla Coconut, Original Black and Chilli Chocolate, they can keep you feeling alive and alert to make sure you don’t miss any of the action. 

TrueStart’s coffee is barista-approved and makes sure to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, from sourcing right through to production and packaging.

TrueStart Original Black Cold Brew Healthy Vegan

Bake for the occasion with Superfood Bakery

If you want to make even more of an event, why not bake a creative Olympics-themed cake using one of Superfood Bakery’s simple baking mixes

With Chocolate Cake and Banana Bread mixes, you could get decorating and make a spectacle worthy of being displayed at the opening ceremony! How about making doughnuts to replicate the Olympic Rings, similar to these delicious banana bread doughnuts made by @nourishing.amy on Instagram?

All of Superfood Bakery’s mixtures are organic, gluten-free and vegan, so if you’re having guests around, it’ll be easy to cater to everyone.

Nourishing Amy Instagram Banana Bread Doughnuts

Or, if you’re watching the Olympics as a pretty keen athlete yourself, you may want to indulge without ruining your gains. If that’s the case, check out our Health & Fitness page for a range of healthier alternatives to snacks and drinks. We even have protein powders and health supplements so you can get fitter just by sitting and watching the olympics! 

Enjoy the fun!





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