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Baking at Mighty Small


With the return of The Great British Bake Off this evening, we thought what better way to commemorate it than by sharing some of the wonderful baking bits available at Mighty Small.

Not just the sweet stuff - savoury baking too!

- Roast some onion, pepper and mushroom in Capsicana Smoked Cumin + Chipotle Seasoning Mix, wrap in puff pastry and bake for a Latin American inspired vegetable pasty. 

- Stretch some sourdough (homemade or shop bought) and spread with Bay’s Kitchen Tomato + Basil Stir-in Sauce, tear on some mozzarella and bake for a delicious, rustic pizza! 


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Alternative baking ingredients - no missing out!

- If you are looking for a great non-dairy alternative to milk to go in your bakes, Plenish are your saviour, in five delicious flavours: soya, coconut, almond, cashew and oat

- You may already know about apple sauce, flaxseeds or aquafaba as a replacement for eggs in baking but oil also works really well. Hunter & Gather Organic MCT Coconut Oil is a great vegan alternative to egg in baking as a binding agent in cookies, cakes and more.

- Did you know oats can make a great gluten-free alternative to flour in baking? Try blending one of four delicious The Great British Porridge Co flavours in replacement of flour in your banana breads and muffins! 



Decorations - the fun bit!

- Doisy & Dam are basically made for decorating your sweet bakes. Their range is a delicious pop or colour, texture and shape that can be the necessary finishing touch from anything to a ballers topped chocolate cheesecake to a chocolate drop filled Piñata cake! 

- You are so wrong to think Indie Bay Snacks are only great for on-the-go nibbles, straight out the bag as a midday treat with your sandwich at lunchtime! They also make great crunchy, eye-catching shapes for decorating your sweet and savoury bakes! 

- Gnawbles by Creative Nature are stunning, delicious and worry-free as they are free from gluten, dairy, wheat and nuts - so great for those with allergies! This makes them perfect for occasions such as kids birthday parties and bake sales. 

- I Love Snacks are a brilliant healthier alternative for decorating your bakes. Their dried fruit and nuts go perfectly in flapjacks, biscuits and breads, the possibilities are endless! 



For more inspo see our Breads & Home Baking category. You’ll find delicious, quick and easy baking mixes, great for baking with kids, from Creative Nature and Supergood Bakery. Just check out our recent TikTok and Instagram @mightysmallUK to see how easy it was to make Creative Nature Brownies with a group of keen, young, hungry bakers!



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