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An Interview with Nut Blend

Gabriella Block Nut Blend

We spoke with Gabriella Block, founder of Nut Blend, creators of a range of 100% natural nut butters.

So, what's the story behind Nut Blend?

In 2015, I wanted to feel energised and satisfied without relying on a sugar high, as the subsequent crash often made me feel lethargic.

I started experimenting with my own nut-butter-come-spread recipe and fell in love with how amazing it tasted and ultimately how great I felt. I couldn’t believe there was nothing unnatural about it; a blend of super nutritious and delicious ingredients only. As I made my way through jar after jar, I turned to my mum and proclaimed, “I think I could sell this”.

That was the light bulb moment – I wanted everyone to experience this epiphany of mood-enhancing energy, genuine satisfaction and feeling great, both mentally and physically.

How are Nut Blend products different to other nut butters?

We want you to feel your best, healthiest and happiest self. We are obsessed with boosting your mood and making you feel great, both mentally and physically. We also happen to love nut butter. Not just any nut butter – Nut Blend prioritises high-quality, super natural and nutritious ingredients to create next-level-exquisite flavours.

Whether you spread it on toast, stir into porridge, swirl into yoghurt or simply eat it with a spoon – our nut butters were created for you to sit back, enjoy the mood-boosting energy, and satisfy without the sugar high.

Nut Blend

What has been the most challenging day since starting the Nut Blend?

In 2018, I signed up (and paid) to go to an overnight networking and sales event – a dinner in the evening and market on the Sunday. Every inch of my body was telling me to cancel the dinner but I felt overwhelmed with guilt if I didn’t go. Other entrepreneurs may be able to relate to that intrusive ‘what if?’ thought; ‘what if I’m sat next to the Holland & Barrett buyer and get a listing with them?’… (optimistic and doubtful).

I literally forced myself to go, was so out of my comfort zone and on arriving back at my parent’s house (where I had driven from), I burst into tears. The pressure I put on myself and loneliness of working alone on Nut Blend hit me all at once; I was rock bottom in my mood, energy and overall happiness and it was mentally tough to pick myself back up and keep moving forward.

What important truth do very few people agree with you on?

Eating at least one jar of nut butter a day!

In all seriousness, I believe in communication and honesty. Even if it’s an uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing topic or feeling, getting it out is the only way to start the conversation, empower your thoughts and find a solution.

Nut Butter Praline

If you could have a dream ambassador for Nut Blend, who would it be?

Kate Hudson – she is a super boss (of four companies!) and I really admire her work ethic whilst juggling a family, social life and active lifestyle.



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