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Mighty Mocktails: Three Toastworthy Recipes

Homemade cocktails photography and illustration on bold blue background

We are going to be straight-up with you, our relationship with alcohol is on the rocks

So you’re making the choice to cut down your alcohol intake - that’s the spirit! Whether that's for mental or physical health, medication or training for a marathon, mindful drinking is happening and we’re here for it!

Going alcohol free shouldn’t mean compromising your social life or not indulging in delicious tipples. So, we've got plenty of mouth-watering alternatives at Mighty Small that mean no more missing out. 

The fact that it's International Beer Day today and National Prosecco Day next week shows that we love a drink at this time of year, but as many of us aren’t getting our usual boozy breaks abroad, we need a softer fix...

We’ve created three incredible mocktail recipes for all occasions

Homemade Raspberry Mojito Recipe with Caleno Non Alcoholic spirit

Raspberry No-Jito

- 50ml Caleno Light & Zesty
- 250ml can of Raspberry Rhubarb Nix & Kix 
- Small handful of fresh mint (and more to garnish) 
- Fresh raspberries
- Lime (juice of half and the rest to garnish)

Method: Muddle the mint and lime juice then build in a tall glass with ice and raspberries. Pour over your measure of Caleno Light & Zesty then add the Raspberry Rhubarb Nix & Kix. Garnish with a lime wheel and more fresh mint.  

Buy a box of 24 cans or a 750ml bottle of Nix & Kix Rasberry Rhubarb to scale up the recipe and make it a pitcher – it’ll last longer!


Homemade Elderflower Fizz Mocktail with Spritz and Ginger Lime Mixer

Elder-Phoney Fizz

- 100ml Ginger Lime, Long Tail Mixers 
- 175ml (½ can) of Elderflower Dalston’s Soda Co
- Cucumber and thyme to garnish 

Method: Line a short tumbler glass with a cucumber ribbon, fill with ice then pour in the mixer, followed by the soda and garnish with two sprigs of thyme. 

Here's to good health! This one comes from the increasing popularity of botanical flavoured gins that are low in sugar and calories but still sweet and satisfying.


Non-Alcoholic Chocolate Espresso Martini Recipe with Chocolate syrup and Oat Milk

Chocolate Might-ini

- 125ml Oat Drink, Moma
- 1tsp Choc Shot Coffee, Sweet Freedom (more for decoration) 
- Oreo biscuit crumb (for rim)
- Chilled shot of espresso on side (optional)

Method: Soak the rim of a martini glass using a lime wedge and dip it into the Oreo biscuit crumb. Swirl the choc shot from the centre out. Add oat milk, choc shot and ice to a martini shaker and shake vigorously for 30 seconds then strain the mix into your prepared glass.

Garnish with a dusting of cocoa powder, coffee beans or a strawberry. Optionally, serve with a chilled shot of espresso to be added to the mix for an alcohol-free buzz! 

Sweet Freedom Choc Shots dissolve in milk and double up as a sauce, perfect for those who know the importance of irresistible presentation as well as taste!

And the rest!

Cocktails aren’t your thing, try Lucky Saint alcohol free beer. Left unfiltered for maximum flavour, smooth and biscuity with a hint of citrus hop and only 53 calories per bottle.  

And the best accompaniment to a “soft” drink? A crunchy snack! Head over to our Crisps, Snacks & Nuts page to find the perfect nibbles.

- Spoilt for choice? We’ve done the hard bit for you and created our Alcohol Free Cocktail Kit with loads of our favourites, leaving it up to you to get creative with your concoctions!

We hope you love these simple yet delicious recipes! If you try them out, make sure to tag us over on instagram @mightysmall, and if you still aren't convinced we have many more soft drinks, teas, coffees, plant-milks as well as alcoholic beverages on our website, just visit our drinks page -Bottoms up! 



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